Preparing Your Home to Sell

What are the top Five things you can do to prep your house for sale?

The Wille Group takes time before listing a home, walking through a seller’s home and suggesting ways to maximize your profits through staging and preparation. We sometimes hire a stager or coordinate repairs for sellers. These are a few ways you can begin to prepare to sell your home with us:


1. Make Repairs: Take care of items before they are brought up in an inspection later – broken windows or a bad roof. Minor repairs are good to take care of too, and fresh paint and a tube of caulk can go a long way in making a home feel like it’s in good condition.


2.  Remove Clutter and De-Personalize: You’re ready to move on, so it’s important to have buyers envision the house as their own. Pack unused furniture and knick knacks and store.


3.  Make a Good First Impression: Curb appeal is important. Keep your yard manicured, free from weeds and clutter. Plant flowers, if in season – and make the front entrance appealing.


4. Keep it Clean: Maintaining a clean home, as well as eliminating bad odors – present your home in it’s best light. Pet, smoke, food and other odors should be kept to a minimum or eliminated (don’t try to mask with perfumed air-fresheners, buyers will wonder what you’re hiding).


5. Hire the Right Team: All Realtors are not created equal. Is your cousin, your neighbor, or your friend truly the best person for the job?  Be sure – your results can vary by tens of thousands of dollars. Hire someone with a proven track record, someone who has experience in your price range.

Remember this: You get what you pay for.  A discount broker can’t afford to spend the time or money required to properly advertise and promote your home -– your results will justify the decision.

Most of our Clients will confirm that The Wille Group achieved a level of success that exceeded their expectations.  We’ve sold over 425 homes in just 10 years, most were referrals from satisfied past clients.

My greatest satisfaction came not from the fact that the Wille Group was able to sell my home for a price greater than my asking, but from the fact that Michael Wille confirmed, through his personal demeanor over the entire time of our relationship, my initial assessment of him as a man of integrity, honesty and high professional standards. I trust him. And in today’s world that says it all.”
Joel G.