Our Neighborhoods

Our Neighborhoods

One primary area of expertise for the Wille Group is executive, professional and corporate relocation.

As a former marketing executive in the food industry, Michael Wille had global responsibilities which required him to relocate several times. He and his group completely understand both the process and the physical and emotional challenges associated with the relocation of a family. Michael and his team have successfully helped over 100 families with high-level, professional real estate services – both to and from the Twin Cities – in just the last 4 years.

The process for those relocating to the Twin Cities begins prior to arrival. Michael will spend necessary time understanding your key housing criteria and well as other special needs of your family, including those related to neighborhoods, schools, and lifestyle. Prior to your departure to the Twin Cities, you will receive a special “care package” that includes books and magazines about the Minneapolis area, maps, school information, and much more. Upon arrival, you will receive additional housing information with a comprehensive itinerary for your visit.

The process of finding the right home for your family begins with research and tours of different neighborhoods, stopping to investigate homes along the way. Once a community is chosen, greater emphasis is placed on finding the ideal property that matches your criteria. In-depth analysis is conducted on pricing, property condition, and re-sale potential prior to making a final decision. Experienced in negotiation, the Wille Group will help insure that you achieve the best overall agreement. We will help schedule the home inspection, and manage all components of the Contract, including the Purchase Agreement, Financing Addendum, Inspection Contingency Addendum, Property Disclosures and all other addendums and amendments. We will schedule a final walk-through and insure a successful closing, helping you with each step of the process.

After Closing, we will help you activate your gas, electric, and other utilities, arrange garbage service, and provide names and resources for anything else you need. Finally, we will help “connect” you and your family to others in the community, making everyone feel at “home”!

Relocating? Please contact Michael Wille at 612-924-7122. You will benefit from the experience.

Michael and his team helped us prepare our home for sale, sold our house for our asking price, and then helped us negotiate a terrific price on our new house – all in two months. We highly recommend the Wille Group.”
Matt and Lori T.