About Us – The Wille Group

About Us – The Wille Group

The Wille Group Methodology for Professional Real Estate Services

  • A significant percentage of revenue is invested in advertising our clients’ properties to build awareness and attract buyers.
  • An exclusive list of over 5,000 of the most affluent residents in the Twin Cities metro area is actively maintained in order to present all new listings to a potential high-income client database.
  • Extensive experience with appraisals and market analysis allows us to establish the ideal price in order to achieve the maximum number of offers.
  • Unique home inspection training helps identify items that should be corrected before listing your home, eliminating missed sale opportunities.
  • Proven techniques sell your home at the maximum price:
    – Conduct pre-list networking which frequently generates multiple offers
    – Mail promotional materials to neighbors and surrounding properties
    – Advertise in local papers and magazines, on the internet
  • Impeccable attention-to-detail in completing required forms and MLS listings.
  • Experience dealing with multiple-offer situations — with a trained negotiator that can maximize offers and gain agreements on other important issues.
  • Qualify all serious buyers — ensuring that all accepted Purchase Agreements result in closings.
  • Follow-up with buyer’s mortgage banker and title company will ensure smooth closings. Michael Wille or Josh Zuehlke will personally attend all closings.


We didn’t know what to expect from the process. We are so grateful that we found Josh to guide us through. He is knowledgeable about both the Minneapolis/St. Paul neighborhoods and about home construction, style, and most importantly, potential. He also gave wise counsel when we decided to submit an offer, working with us to craft a successful bid that worked for us and our budget. His thoughtful attention to detail and patient explanation of the process at every step calmed our nerves and gave us confidence. Josh was accessible and generous with his time, meeting us with coffee and jokes at every outing. He made house hunting a blast and we couldn’t be happier with the experience and the outcome.

-Brittany M. & Patrick L.

Brittany M. & Patrick L.